Have You Heard the Next MC 2Blow?

Have You Heard the Next MC 2Blow?

Our UITA Radio show puts the spotlight on local talent

A Texas native, Heavy Hustles teamed up with Mike D. of Des Moines, IA when they realized they shared a love for music and their Central Texas neighborhoods. Recognizing the overflow of local talent, they decided to create a platform to give local artists a chance to be heard. The benefits of getting your music played on the air includes:

  • The potential for discovery
  • Getting support from new fans
  • Helping build the local music scene

UITA Radio is Central Texas’ outlet for hip-hop and R&B. Let us help more people hear your music by contacting us today.

You can help support local artists

Launched in late 2016, the Next MC 2Blow show is featured on UITA Radio. Our mission is to provide unsigned talent with a way to be played on the radio. We understand that Central Texas has plenty of local talent that just needs a forum to be showcased. Contact the Next MC 2Blow today to discuss sponsorship opportunities.